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"ABCs for Life Success, LLC has repeatedly offered my family kindness and compassion in every aspect of their service. They have created a real relationship with my son as well as with our entire family, which makes a world of difference when trying how to best serve a child with special needs."


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Radio Programs on Hot Topics in Education and Special Education Advocacy


"Teach Your Children Well: Hot Topics in Education" is the radio show hosted by Michelle Davis; dedicated to exploring education issues in schools and school systems that affect all of us. With high expectations and an education system that works, all children can achieve.


Through interviews with various national and international experts, the radio programs inform, inspire, and educate the listener on a wide variety of topics. Children are our best natural resource, so let's teach them well and create an education system that works to develop a future of leaders who make our world a better place to be.



Program Title: Description:
"My best teacher ever" What are the characteristics of an outstanding teacher? Is being a skilled teacher an art, or a science?
"Beyond Normal" What are the experiences of a child who learns differently?
"Does One Size Really Fit All?" Is Inclusion Really the Best Way to Go for Children with Special Needs?
"If you havent learned it, I havent taught it" The classroom must provide instruction about important concepts in a way that all children can be successful.
"The challenges and benefits of technology in the classroom, and the use of assistive technology for students with special needs." Meet our guest, Ray Kurzweil: His reading technology is revolutionizing teaching in the same way his Moog synthesizer impacted music. He will talk about the future that he envisions for our students and how we can prepare them for that future today.
" Stand Up for Your Child: A mother and daughter's perspective" When do parents need to challenge what is happening for their child at school and how can they do this effectively?
"Teaching to Student Strength: What are the "non-negotiables" in gifted programs?" What can teachers do to acknowledge and work with student gifts and teach to their strengths? What about smart kids with learning disabilities--can gifted education work for them, too?
"Overhaul of Troubled School Systems:A Controversial Visionary" The pros and cons of outsourcing troubled schools to private organizations, and how decisions for reform are being made. Chancellor Michelle Rhee will discuss school reform in DC, along with other models of reform across the Nation
"Gender in Our Schools: Meeting the Needs of Our Sons and Daughters" Do boys and girls learn differently? What strategies appeal to one group, that might fall flat with the other? Is same-sex education a good thing? Why are our boys no longer keeping up with their female peers? What can we do to meet their special academic and behavioral needs?
"School Success for Kids with Asperger's and other Autism Related Disorders" What special strategies will allow them to be successful in our schools and realize their potential?
"School Choice and Vouchers: Pros and Cons" Can vouchers work to give children what they need to lead independent lives and level the playing field?
"Obama and McCain: Where Do They Stand on Education Policy" This show will help you add to your reasons to vote for the best candidate to lead our world to education systems that work.
"Teasing, Bullying and School Violence: What can parents and schools do?" transcript of this program How can parents, communities and educators partner to prevent these problems and effectively advocate for students?

"Teach Your Children Well: Hot Topic in Education" broadcast on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel every Friday, from Noon to 1 PM EST.


Hear Michelle Davis as a special guest on LD Live: Living with a Learning Diversity.