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"Please spread the news to parents and children that there is hope for their future."


- ABCs for Life Success client




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Educational Services for Children and Teens with Special Needs

ABCs for Life Success works to provide extraordinary services and resources to families, educators, and communities through positive partnerships, research, legislation, comprehensive evaluations, powerful advocacy, and innovative consulting. Whether you are just noticing that something is not quite right with your child's education, or have a due process hearing scheduled, ABCs for Life Success can help ensure that your child receives the services and education plan appropriately suited for his or her unique needs. We collaborate with educators and families alike, evaluate each child's academic achievement (reading, writing, mathematics), develop and monitor individualized education plans and strategies, and educate families and the community.

Our consultants are experts in working with children and teens faced with a wide variety of learning obstacles: ADHD, learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, Asperger's Syndrome, giftedness, autism, intellectual disability, speech and language impairments, low incidence disabilities, other health impairments, and with other students who may not be achieving their potential. See the links below for more specific information.

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For more information about our services, or to set up an initial consultant, contact us today to discuss your child's specific situation and needs...there is no charge to explore our services.