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"We could not have ever met the challenges of this process without you. You were the cement that made all of this come together."


- follow-up email from parent to consultant



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Why Hire Educational Consultants from ABCs for Life Success?


ABCs for Life Success can address these questions and more. Our approach is child-centered and collaborative, fostering win-win relationships between parents and schools which enhance success and personal development. Understanding educational rights and navigating the complex procedures for securing appropriate educational placement and services can seem daunting for parents of children with special needs. We can help you to become an effective member of your child's special education team through positive communication with teachers, staff, and other service providers.


We educate families about special education law and processes and explain your rights under current Federal and State laws. Under federal law, all children with disabilities are entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). Parents often ask us who determines the components of an appropriate education and how it is defined and provided. ABCs for Life Success will help you address the five major components of FAPE (the 5 Ps), as developed by Special Needs Advocacy, LLC.

Major Components of a Free Appropriate Public Education (the 5 P's)


Parents. Parent participation is essential. Parents should be active and equal partners in the process to evaluate, identify, and educate children with special needs.

Plan. A legally enforceable individual education plan (IEP) or 504 plan documents specific disabilities, required accommodations and progress, and outlines specific educational plans and goals.

Progress. The child must make meaningful and significant progress in both the curriculum (as defined by the state curriculum or non-public school) and in the goals set out by the Plan.

Placement. A child must have a school placement in either the special education or general education setting that provides for all of his or her needs. The placement must be clearly defined for all services, and how those services will be provided.

Procedures. The school system must follow procedures set out by IDEA and State law. This includes paperwork, notifications, and all procedures related to each stage of the special education process.

After working with you and your child to develop measurable short and long term goals and objectives, we will create, update or review the individualized education plan (IEP) to incorporate a legally enforceable and appropriate educational plan and services.


Your consultant will support you and your child in IEP meetings and other school meetings and monitor your child's progress throughout his or her academic career. If appropriate, we can help navigate dispute options such as State complaints, mediations and due process hearings, and assist with expert testimony. For more information about the role of an educational consultant or professional advocate, see the recent Parenting for High Potential article "Break in Communication: When an Advocate is Needed".


There is no charge to explore our services. Please contact ABCs for Life Success via phone (301-593-5166) or email to discuss your child's situation and needs. Our Director of Client Services will connect you with the educational consultant best suited to work with your family, and your initial consultation is absolutely free.